Merseyside CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
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    August 17th, 2017Andy MortonGeneral News, MCND News

    On Wednesday 9th August, Merseyside C.N.D. commemorated the 72nd anniversary of the atombic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 1945. Killing over 250, 000 people, these events marked the beginning of the most dangerous period in human history. This still continues today, as the Government prepares to replace Trident with a new generation of nuclear weapons.

    Photos, taken by John Usher, of Nagasaki Day 2017 are below.


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    September 15th, 2016Andy MortonMCND News, Things to do


    Hosted by Greater Manchester + District C.N.D.

    A day of discussions, meetings and workshops about tactics and techniques for peace, anti-nuclear and social justice campaigners.
    This event will be open to the public and be an opportunity to share ideas, learn about other campaigns and plan for the year ahead.

    The event is completely free. To register please visit Eventbrite


    9.00 – 10.00: Registration
    10.00 – 10.15: Opening address: Dave Webb, Chair of CND – ‘What’s going on in politics and how does it affect our campaigning?’
    10.15 – 11.30: Panel discussion: Campaigning techniques – What works?

    • Ben Sellers, who ran the Jeremy for Leader social media campaign: digital organising
    • Kat Hobbs, from Campaign Against the Arms Trade: using direct action
    • Rebecca Long-Bailey, MP for Salford and Eccles: working with Parliamentarians and political parties
    • Aaron Bastani, founder of Novara Media: 21st century media landscape
    • Sean Morris, from Nuclear Free Local Authorities: working with local councils and Mayors for Peace

    11.30 – 11.45: Refreshments

    11.45 – 12.45: Workshops

    • Promoting an ethical foreign policy in Labour (with Labour CND)
    • Anti-Trident campaigning – the Scottish perspective (with Scottish CND)
    • Peace campaigning in the Church (with Christian CND)

    12.45 – 13.45: Lunch
    Lunch will not be provided but there are many shops and cafes nearby.

    13.45 – 14.45: Workshops

    • For a nuclear-free future: campaigning at universities and colleges (with Youth & Student CND)
    • A new global treaty banning nuclear weapons – how? why? what? when? (with International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons)
    • Beyond Nuclear? – towards a safe, secure and renewable energy future (with Greater Manchester & District CND, focusing on nuclear power issues)

    14.45 – 15.00: Closing remarks
    At 3pm there will be a historical/political tour of Manchester, led by local CND man Steve Roman. A great chance to see the sights and learn about Manchester’s history of radical politics.

    NB. All details are provisional and subject to change

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    May 12th, 2016Andy MortonGeneral News, MCND News


    National CND has announced that the cost replacing Trident will cost £205,000,000,000 (billion).

    With Parliament set to vote later this year, we urge you to lobby your MP and tell them to reject a new generation of nuclear weapons. Instead this money should be spent on the NHS, education, transport and other vital public services. If you live in Merseyside you can find the contact details of your MP in this document.

    The Cost of Replacement

    • Manufacturing four new submarines – £31 billion
    • Contingency fund – £10 billion
    • Missile extension programme – £350 billion
    • Replacement warheads – £4 billion
    • Infrastructure capital costs – £4 billion
    • In service costs – £142 billion
    • Conventional military force support – £1 billion
    • Decommissioning – £13 billion
    • TOTAL – £205 billion
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    May 6th, 2016Andy MortonGeneral News, MCND News, Things to do

    Wednesday 13th July

    National CND is calling for a lobby of MPs as Parliament prepares to vote on whether to waste £100,000,000,000 (billion) on a new generation of nuclear weapons.
    Following on from the hugely successful Stop Trident demonstration in February, this lobby is not only a great way to maintain momentum but could also be our last opportunity to influence the decision.

    Please contact your MP and tell them that instead of murderous, useless and obscenely expensive nuclear weapons, that money should be spent on the N.H.S., education, transport and other vital public services.

    As a sign of the widespread opposition to Trident, CND is being supported by numerous organisations including: Campaign against Arms Trade, Medact and the Quakers


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    April 29th, 2016Andy MortonGeneral News, Things to do


    We’ll be holding a Stop Trident stall and leafleting session from 11:00 – 15:00 on Saturday 7th May, outside the Lyceum Building (bottom of Bold Street).
    If you have a few hours to spare please join us and help spread the anti-Trident message. You can also contact your MP and tell them to vote against Trident in the upcoming Parliamentary vote.

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