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    February 16th, 2017Andy MortonGeneral News, MCND News

    Following the election of Donald Trump as American President, we have a produced a special edition of the Merseyside C.N.D. newsletter.
    Co-Chair Peter Wilson explores the possible global ramifications of a nuclear weapons policy led by someone who has declared “let there be an arms race“.


    There’s no way I was going to post an image of Trump on this website, so here’s a group of people protesting against him instead – ANDY

    Details of coming events, such as Liverpool Pax Christi’s Ash Wednesday Service and our next Stop Trident stalls, are included too.

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    February 9th, 2017Andy MortonGeneral News

    Trade Unions, political parties, students’ groups and other civil society organisations can now affiliate to Merseyside C.N.D. for just £10 per year.

    With your affiliation you will:

    • become part of the one of the largest and most well-known peace groups on the planet
    • receive regular updates about local and national C.N.D. events
    • be a part of the democratic processes by which Merseyside C.N.D. functions

    To find out more please download the form and help us Stop Trident.

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    July 29th, 2016Andy MortonGeneral News, MCND News, Things to do


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    May 12th, 2016Andy MortonGeneral News, MCND News


    National CND has announced that the cost replacing Trident will cost £205,000,000,000 (billion).

    With Parliament set to vote later this year, we urge you to lobby your MP and tell them to reject a new generation of nuclear weapons. Instead this money should be spent on the NHS, education, transport and other vital public services. If you live in Merseyside you can find the contact details of your MP in this document.

    The Cost of Replacement

    • Manufacturing four new submarines – £31 billion
    • Contingency fund – £10 billion
    • Missile extension programme – £350 billion
    • Replacement warheads – £4 billion
    • Infrastructure capital costs – £4 billion
    • In service costs – £142 billion
    • Conventional military force support – £1 billion
    • Decommissioning – £13 billion
    • TOTAL – £205 billion
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    May 6th, 2016Andy MortonGeneral News, MCND News, Things to do

    Wednesday 13th July

    National CND is calling for a lobby of MPs as Parliament prepares to vote on whether to waste £100,000,000,000 (billion) on a new generation of nuclear weapons.
    Following on from the hugely successful Stop Trident demonstration in February, this lobby is not only a great way to maintain momentum but could also be our last opportunity to influence the decision.

    Please contact your MP and tell them that instead of murderous, useless and obscenely expensive nuclear weapons, that money should be spent on the N.H.S., education, transport and other vital public services.

    As a sign of the widespread opposition to Trident, CND is being supported by numerous organisations including: Campaign against Arms Trade, Medact and the Quakers


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