Merseyside CND Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament
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    June 26th, 2014Andy MortonMCND News

    Direct Rail Services [ DRS ] is the train company which transports radioactive “spent” fuel rods removed from nuclear power stations to the Sellafield spent fuel plant in Cumbria.

    These waste trains are transported through some of the most highly populated areas in the UK.

    They have to be carried within special containers to prevent them heating up. The flasks continually leak low-level radiation.

    D.R.S. have two depots. One of them is at Crewe, and the other one is at Carlisle. 

    On July 19th D.R.S. will be holding an open day at the Crewe depot.

    Activists from Merseyside C.N.D. and a number of other groups will be leafleting it between 11.00. & 14.00.

    On the same day members of Merseyside C.N.D. will be leafleting outside Warrington station, which is one of the many towns through which this waste is transported. There will be activists leafleting outside other stations throughout the UK.

    More information about this will be available on the M.C.N.D. website within the next few weeks. 

    For more information about this issue see the Nuclear Trains Action Group (N.T.A.G.) website:

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    June 19th, 2014Andy MortonMCND News


    On Saturday 5th July Merseyside Peace Network will be holding “Give Peace a Chance,” a series of workshops promoting peace and an alternative look at issues surrounding World War One at the Friends’ Meeting House, School Lane between 1pm and 5pm.

    These workshops include:

    • Conscientious Objectors: Then and Now
    • First World War Art
    • Anti-Violence Project
    • Ecumenical Accompaniment in Palestine and Israel
    • Singing workshop with Liverpool Socialist Singers
    • Film Show: “Days That Shook the World: Christmas Truce”



    1pm – 1:30pm – Booking in and refreshments

    1:30pm – 2:30pm – Workshops

    2:30pm – 3pm – break and opportunity to visit various stalls and displays

    3:30pm – 4:30pm – Workshops

    4:30pm – Plenary discussions and plans for the future


    For more information please go to Merseyside Peace Network or send an email.


    Following Give Peace a Chance there will be a concert, beginning at 8pm with The Peacemakers and the Liverpool Socialist Singers at the C.A.S.A. Tickets: £5/£3 concessions on the door or £4/£2 in advance from Peacemakers or C.N.D.

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    June 13th, 2014Andy MortonMCND News

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