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    May 25th, 2014Andy MortonMCND News

    Self-described zoo-lol-ogist Lady Alba, also known as Dr. Zara Gladman, sings Nuclear Love

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    May 22nd, 2014Andy MortonMCND News

    This year U.D.T. 2014 [ Underwater ‘Defence’ Technology ] arms fare and conference will take place in Liverpool between June 10th and 12th.

    This is an event which its organisers describe as: ‘The global event for underwater defence and security’.


    It is an arms fair

    The event is being organised by the Clarion Events who run Defence Security and Equipment International (DSEI)  and similar arms fairs around the globe.

    Included in the event sponsoring bodies is the UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation, which exists to help arms manufactures to export their weapons around the world.

    The Deadly Merchants

    Arms manufacturers such as
    – BAE Systems
    – BMT Defence Services
    – Babcock International Group
    – James Fisher Defence
    – Lockheed Martin
    – Rolls-Royce
    – Saab Dynamics
    – TNO Defence, Safety and Security
    will be exhibiting their deadly products at the event.

      Who Will Be At The U.D.T. Arms Fair?

    At U.D.T. 2013 event there were representatives from 44
    Such as: –
    – China.
    – Colombia.
    – Israel.
    – Japan.
    – Russian Federation.
    – South Korea.
    – United Arab Emirates.

    Which repressive or militarily aggressive regimes will be sending representatives to UDT 2014?

    Such lists are kept secret in advance of such events.



    Merseyside Peace Network will be holding a protest outside of the event from 08:30. on the morning of June 10th

    “On the last day of U.D.T., June 12th 2014, a wreath will be presented to the organisers of the arms fare in memory of all those who will be killed as a result U.D.T. 2014″.

    Help Stop This Underwater Arms Fare

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    May 20th, 2014Andy MortonDemonstrations, General News

    Yeo-ok Yang and Jungmin Choi, activists of World Without War, and Reverend Bora Im of Hyanglin Church were put into prison on May 20.


    They were sentenced to pay a fine of two million won each (approximately 2,000 USD) for taking a direct action to block the construction of Jeju Naval Base, which had been illegally undertaken without an agreement with local residents…visit War Resisters’ International website to read more.

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    May 20th, 2014Andy MortonMCND News

    Tomorrow at 2:15pm there will be a reconstruction of the 1916 tribunal of a Liverpool conscientious objector, organised by the Liverpool Quakers at the Liverpool Maritime Museum (in the Lecture Theatre on the 4th floor).
    Members of the audience will have the opportunity to be involved if you wish.

    This follows on from Constructing Conchies, a lecture about the men who refused to fight in the First World War, the reasons behind their decision and the consequences it had for them. This begins at 1pm, also in the Lecture Theatre (4th floor).

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    May 7th, 2014Andy MortonMCND News

    Join us May 16th 4 – 9pm to “Celebrate the Peacemakers” and all those who dedicate their lives to stopping wars. An evening of peace books, poetry and art with paper crane making – News from Nowhere, 96 Bold St., Liverpool

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